Volunteers play a key role in the management and operation of Barton Hill Settlement. Read on, and you may want to get involved yourself!

Contact Sally Jobling for more information – come and meet her for a no-obligation chat to explore the possibilities of getting involved. Call (0117) 955 6971, or email sallyj@bartonhillsettlement.org.uk

Community Navigators Bristol

The Settlement is part of the Community Navigators Bristol service, in partnership with Bristol Community Health, The Care Forum and the Southville Community Development Association. The Service is funded by Bristol Aging Better and the National Lottery. We are on the look out for volunteers in South, Central and East Bristol to join the new signposting and support service. Find out more here.

What can Volunteering do for you?

Whether you want to improve your CV with new skills, meet new people or just feel good about yourself:

Improve your CV!

Volunteering’s a great way to get a reference and fill gaps in your work experience! You can try out different volunteer experiences to get a taster. You will get hands on experience and the chance to build your networks. Barton Hill Settlement will help you to find a volunteer opportunity.

“Volunteering gave me first hand experience of what caring for children actually involved and how challenging a job in childcare could be.”

Build your confidence!

Many volunteers encounter a variety of new challenges when they begin giving time in their community. Sharing new experiences with new people, you can learn new skills that can give you the confidence to face challenges in other areas of your life.

“Volunteering offers an experience that money can’t buy – it really prepared me for the real world of paid work. Not only did it help me decide the career I wanted to pursue and provide me with a foot in the door, but it had an enormous effect on my wellbeing too.”

Create more fun in your life!

Many volunteers are surprised at how much fun it can be to help others. Not every volunteering experience is the same, but by finding an opportunity that matches your interests, you have a good chance of having fun while giving your time.

“It was great working alongside the Play Rangers. I got to know lots of the kids from around here and we had fun together it will help me with my own kids as it gave me ideas on games we can play together.”

Improve your health!

Evidence supporting the health benefits of volunteering include; a heightened sense of well being and self worth, feeling valued and less isolated, sleeping better and boosting your immune system. So, volunteer your way to a healthier life style!

“I was out of work and as a result felt really alone and isolated. Volunteering gave me a sense of self worth and normality again – it’s empowering because it’s a means of learning and developing new skills.”

See the Difference!

Many community volunteers opt for local projects so they can actually see the difference their time makes. Physical changes such as improving parks and open spaces may be immediate and make the environment a better place to live.

“I love volunteering and I don’t know what else I’d do with my time if I didn’t volunteer! It really inspires you to do new things and once you’ve done a bit of volunteering it’s easy to become addicted!”

Make New Friends!

There is no better place to meet like-minded individuals than through volunteering in a project. Working together to bring about a change is a great way to bond with others and become part of the community. Plus you could meet people from a diverse range of backgrounds – people you may never come across in your daily life.

“I have found all the staff friendly, helpful and very professional. For me this was the first step to involvement within the local community. The Settlement has supported me to become a very active woman within local projects, helping others to build their confidence, gain skills and have a voice in making positive changes.”

A recent questionnaire completed by volunteers noted the following reasons for volunteering:

  • Giving something back to an organisation that has impacted on a person’s life either directly or indirectly.
  • A desire to make a difference to the lives of others.
  • Good Karma.
  • Helping the enviroment.
  • Helping others less fortunate or without a voice.
  • Feeling part of a team.
  • Feeling valued.
  • Having quality time away from work or a busy life style.
  • Building up trust.
  • Gaining confidence and self esteem.
  • Finding a volunteering role that suits one’s own needs and lifestyles.